Founder, Ilhan New

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Those who are educated can make contribution to the society whereas those who are not cannot get their potential be realized..

Dr. Ilhan New considered education as important as corporate management. Among others, he realized Korea was in an acute need of professional educational organization that can train technicians and engineers. In 1957, he founded Korea Engineering Academy in Sosa with his personal capital and educated technicians and engineers with all the tuition and boarding cost covered for all the students. In 1961, the school was renamed into the Korean Vocational School, and then again into the Korea High Technology School in March 1964. In December of the same year, a school building was constructed at Hang-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu to launch Yuhan Engineering High School. The school had machinery, electricity, construction and automobile classes and all the students were on a scholarship program. In 1967, Yuhan Middle School was also built to be run together with the high school.

It does not matter how much you know. What matters is how you can make use of it.

Dr. Ilhan New was fully committed to the education in the belief that companies should make investment in education as part of its social responsibility that they should take. Right after the ceasefire of Korean War, all the Koreans were mired in a very miserable situation. He thought it was most essential and urgent to run a school to educate boys from poor family background to technicians by giving them opportunities to get education on free tuition and free boarding fee. As the Korean economy grew out of poverty, he established a high school for technicians and engineers in the belief that training competent technicians and engineers will help him realize his educational philosophy. Yuhan Engineer¡¯s High School, which supported all of its students with scholarship, has been operated under the spirit of returning what companies earn back to the society. Soon after this, Yuhan College was founded.He also supported education and scholarship project by establishing a public foundation named Korea Society and Education Support Trust Fund (later turned into the Yuhan Foundation) in order to grow competent human resources.

His educational philosophy is well reflected in the management of the Korea Engineering Academy.

Korea has long disdained the manual and physical work as it had long been ruled by the aristocrats who worshipped learning by books despising manual work. It was so much so that an aristocrat who becomes an engineer would find it impossible to get a bride from the family of the same class. Dr. Ilhan New was very sorry for such wrong practice and tried his best to correct it. That is how he thought of offering free technical education to the students of poor family background. He did not spare a penny in making investment for them in the belief that once educated, those students would contribute to the economic development of Korea as a competent technicians and engineers. As he always had insisted, he believed that companies should train and educate co- mpetent human resources for the society and that is why he provided technical education service for students.